An Interview with Mr Boo Boo

Mr Boo Boo,


My love of the theatre started when I was a cub scout at a Christmas pantomine.

I will never forget the feeling and wonder the first time the curtain opened to reveal a stage full of people in the market scene of Aladdin. I was blown away on a magic carpet. Even more fascinating was that during the show the pantomime cow fell off the stage into a very surprised orchestra pit. 

Growing up, I watched my sisters performing in many dance shows and pantomimes and later spent many holidays laughing at the street entertainers at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Years later, while training as a graphic designer, I wrote to the Derngate Theatre and obtained a part time job in the stage crew.

During a two week run of the musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, I watched the entire show every night from the wings, never taking my eyes off the stage. I was hooked. One evening the production manager came up to me and said, “You are going to work in the theatre.”

Despite this, I felt compelled to continue my path as a graphic designer, and after a period of being freelance became a graphic designer for WEA Records.

My studio over looked Kensington Church Street in London and I used to see the Lucky Theatre removal lorries drive past. I knew that these lorries were full of theatre sets and props on their way to a theatre and I began to make plans to go back to work in the theatre.

I obtained a place at the Welsh College of Music and Drama and did a postgraduate course in stage management.

After a very intensive year of working on shows as part of the Stage crew of the Sherman Theatre, I gained my Equity card.  I then ended up back at the Edinburgh Festival …. one year working as a production manager for a venue and then another year as an Actor.

Out of the blue, in 1998, a friend of mine asked me would I do a few games at his son’s party as he knew I could juggle and was good with children.  The party with twenty children went very well and I had a ball. People asked my friend if I did this for a living and could they book me! 

It was a life changing moment !

I started to get a show together and go on clown workshops. Then I saw the Children’s entertainer Papalarni at a children’s party. He was amazing and I approached him after the party and told him how much I enjoyed his show and that I was trying to get a show together.

He replied that he was looking for someone to train! I told him that he had found him.

That was how, in 1998, I became a Children’s Entertainer and joined the Perfect Party People in Essex and after completing a two years apprenticeship with them I started working for myself in London.

Since then I have run hundreds of children’s parties and workshops in and around London and Oxford. I have also run creative workshops in partnership with schools and other organisations. I am very happy to travel to anywhere in the general area to run a children’s party.

Mr Boo Boo

07961 355269



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